Fall Gothic (Ultra-Lite)


I've never really been interested in decorating for Minor Holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even the general category of Fall. It's just always seemed too impractical – too much work, too short of a time frame. Maybe if I had some wide-eyed kids to amuse I'd feel differently. 

However, this blog has provided me ample reason to embrace a festal autumn (the opportunity for new and original content superseding my original disinterest). Please don't mistake my decorating apathy with an overall ambivalence for the season. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes and ankle boots as much as the next Millennial Non-Mom. But while I can fully endorse the burnt orange and rust-toned reds of nature's changing complexion, as an interior color scheme, I'm not inspired.

Naturally, this forced me to contemplate my preferred brand of Fall decor under the requisite that it be easily achievable and comprised primarily of stuff I already owned.


I wanted the overall vibe to be a little dark, a little glamorous, but not at all spooky or crafty. Something that could just as easily pass as regular every day decor, but for, like, a Tim Burton character or a set on Pushing Daisies.  

I layered an assortment of black fabric and some ivory lace from my stash to create a makeshift tablecloth. Then I piled on the candles and tried my hardest at some theme-appropriate floral arranging (to mixed results).


The hutch got a Victorian curiosities update by way of bell jars and anatomical figure drawings. And, yes, I did end up getting a little crafty after all. Using some fake flowers I made a super simple fall foliage garland to bring some texture and color up top. 


A couple of years I ago I made this yarn installation as a curtain for our entryway window. I still like the concept, but it was never very noticeable tucked away inside the window frame. And while great for privacy, it had the unfortunate added effect of blockading all but the most vigilant rays of natural light. I intended for it to be a temporary move, but am totally digging its new placement now that it's actually noticeable. (Note to self: find suitable entry window-treatment replacement pronto! Alternately: Stop forgetting to wear pants when bounding down the stairs to make coffee in the morning).

Also, that skull sculpture made from old Wurlitzer keys... Obsessed. It was Luke's perfect Christmas present to me last year made by local artist, Taylor Burkum (who is now a taxidermist... ).


In summary, I moved a bunch of stuff from one part of my house to another. And it took me hours and days. Tablecloths are sometimes too fussy, and lit candles make pretty closing photos.

Happy Fall.