Plans for the Davies' Foyer

Davies' Foyer Before

A barrage of bold colors, mid century and/or other vintage furnishings, plus an onslaught of aggressive pattern mixing seems to be my typical design MO. However, a project unlike anything I've done before recently presented itself – the foyer in a picturesque Cape Cod Colonial, situated in an established Omaha neighborhood. Homeowners Judd & Traci Davies already have a beautiful home, and Traci is a design-blog-enthused compatriot who also has style in spades. She emailed me a little while back seeking advice on making a statement in her entry, which is a pretty tricky non-room, but also exactly where first impressions are made. Next, she mentioned painting the walls navy and suddenly I knew I could really get into this. 

The other main level rooms at the Davies' are all bright spaces filled with traditional stylings like a ticking stripe tablecloth atop a Duncan Phyfe dining set and a gilded oversized mirror above the mantel. Though it isn't all classics in this home. There's an element of subtle quirkiness that accompanies all the traditional; and this is where our styles converge most. 

As is, the foyer receives a nice amount of natural light from several windows in the front door and overflow from the adjoining dining and living rooms. Slate floors provide a neutral base and the white woodwork along the stairs is a detail worth highlighting. It also came with an already-installed red oriental runner on the stairs. The Davies' weren't sure if they loved it, but I felt confident we could seamlessly work such a great piece into the design. 

Davies' Foyer Before 2 Views
Davies' Foyer Before

The rest of their residence displays a comfortable modern approach to traditional with great respect for the history of their 1939 home, yet is void of any stuffy pretense. I knew it was important to Traci that the entry echo these design cues. But I wanted to do it My Way – which obviously ended up being....Ok, I guess I'm doing bold color, vintage furnishings, and an abundance of mixed patterns again, but this time we're going with Town & Country Mod


Above is my first draft of the mood board. I wanted the vibe to be preppy and classic, but still have a little light eccentricity. A color palette of navy and red with brass fixtures and natural wood furniture, plus a bold patterned rug and chinoiserie details seemed right. The door, though already red, would get amped up with a brighter, happier shade. The empty frames and horse portrait represent the installation of a gallery wall up the stairs per Traci's commission. I liked the idea of incorporating some nautical, equestrian, pastoral, eastern-influenced, and federal pieces without it leaning towards any specific genre – just a general hybrid of quintessential preppy motifs. I did have to make some adjustments to accommodate what product was actually available so this is the updated and more accurate mood board we followed in the end: 


I'm loving how this space is turning out! We installed the gallery wall last week (you may have already caught a sneak peek on my Instagram). It doesn't take itself too seriously and is just the right amount of weird. It's going to be good. Excited to finish and share soon!