Thanksgiving Table and DIY Candelabra Centerpiece

(Ed. Note - Thanskgiving was cancelled due to inclement weather so, turns out, this was all just for show...)

I love that it is now totally normal to style up your household table full of layered linens, dinnerware, even fancy centerpieces, then shoot and post professional photos of your masterwork – or at least it is on the Internet (most of my friends IRL still think I'm weird).


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's festive, but low-pressure. Void of agendas and harried frenzy, instead it celebrates the simple joy of being with the ones you love around an inviting table and a hearty meal. This year we'll have some of Luke's family around ours. We've hosted a few times primarily because I work in retail so travel isn't an option – but also because, as previously mentioned, getting to play dress up with my table is totally justifiable. 

The best Thanksgivings are informal and leisurely, but with just the right amount of thoughtfulness and intentionality. Yes-you-can-show-up-in-your-comfy-jeans-and-oversized-cable-knit-sweater-just-expect-to-sincerely-engage-and-converse-at-the-table-well-after-you've-shoveled-your-last-bite-of-Grandma's-pecan-pie. That's the setting I wanted our table to promote. The combination of natural textiles, comfortable candlelight on a slightly rustic tabletop, and a subtly Scandinavian feel was the means. 


I started with the same unfussy and non-matching dishes we use on a daily basis. I was also super jazzed to get to use my on-hand set of green polka dot fabric napkins (because, really, how often do you get to dine with fabric napkins?).


Typically I gravitate to loud color and intense pattern-mixing, but this time around keeping it simple and focused on rich textures seemed right. I expected to have to make a table runner because my table is so freaking long (102"), but then I stumbled upon that utility fabric with the edges already finished. All I had to do was buy enough for the length and then quickly hem the ends. Hooray for easy processes! I layered three strips of black and white linen to add even more interest and I really dig how the subtle crosshatch pattern relates to the neutral runner.     


Even the tabletop foliage was restrained - just a few leftover greens from my Halloween bouquet plopped into simple glass cylinders. They've been hanging on for awhile and I love how the leaves are slowly turning a little chartreuse as they age.


The real star of my table, though, is the handmade centerpiece candelabra. I wanted a streamlined but elegant way to incorporate candlelight into the mix, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out! It's a statement but also super relaxed. The way the dark rustic wood, warm copper, and soft white candlesticks co-mingle. Eeeek. So good! (I can say that about something I made, right?)


And that's it, this year's understated and neutral Sandinavian inspired Thanksgiving table. 


May your day be comfortably full of rich conversation and robust dining. 

Happy Thanksgiving,  



* Thanks for the photos, Mr. Pettipoole