DIY Plywood Stenciled Wreath


Ok, so I know I'm not exactly reinventing the wreath (or the Banksy), but this was a useful project that turned out even a little better than expected. As I mentioned in my previous post I loved the idea of hanging an oversized wreath above the mantel. However, securely adhering something to that wall is sort of impractical because directly behind the plaster remain the brick remnants of a chimney. Not impossible, but it just requires a little more intentionality (which doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense for holiday decor with a shelf life). Propping something up against the wall is best. Thankfully I had a large piece of 1/2" plywood literally chilling upstairs in our drafty guest/storage room and after some brainstorming, came up with the idea to spray paint a wreath outline on it. 

I wanted it to be a loose interpretation and have a very graphic element - slightly gritty atop the natural plywood. To start, I crudely sketched out a basic wreath shape. Then I highlighted certain sections in black to help resemble the natural depth and dimension of overlapping branches. 


Once I had the basic shape figured out I drew and cut out larger versions of each branch onto individual pieces of paper.


Then I traced those larger cutouts, in the desired shape, onto a piece of poster board – making sure to retain the black outlines. Using an Exacto Knife I fastidiously cut out the shapes from the poster board until I was left with a large wreath-like stencil. Additional pieces of paper were used to cover the remaining exposed plywood. And then I made our house smell horrific and the air caustic for the remainder of the night by spray painting the wreath in the basement.


With some extra thick paper ribbon I made a bow following this tutorial and then plopped it back on top of the shelf with the candle holder I made for our Thanksgiving table in front.

Yay! for simple and quick projects with instant impact.