A New Year State of Mind

New Year Playlist

Ah, a new year; It always feels so fresh and awash with hope, doesn't it? A do-over, reboot, benevolent jumpstart of sorts, it gets you off the couch and living a little more deliberately. Sure, it's sometimes – maybe even most times – accompanied with tinges of regret or despair, but the belief in better and brighter seems almost hardwired in us. 

Every year, after months of head-down, loyal marching, this reprieve and proverbial clearing of fog feels at once unexpected and energizing – and always welcome. To help sustain and nourish this state of mind, in recent years I've begun depending on a certain setlist of songs. Some of these songs are specifically about the New Year, a few dwell on missed moments and regrets, most are soaring, anthemic tributes to starting over, seeing clearly, and loving freely. All of them revolve around one delicate, but mighty theme: hope.

Cheers to living fully in 2016 and to the happiest New Year!