Friendsmas III


Our third annual Friendsmas is officially in the books! It's unequivocally become one of my favorite holiday traditions and a thrill to hear many friends feel the same! Three years ago, the intent was to try out the freshly trendy custom of Friendsgiving. Unfortunately I couldn't get my act together in time, and on a cold December night, Friendsmas was born.

Friendsmas 2015 00009.jpg

After a semi-failed attempt at cooking the main dish that inaugural year (some guests had to leave before we even ate because it wasn't done cooking!), we've since streamlined a process that plays to everyone's strengths: I over-focus on the decorations and prepare the festive libations. Luke turns out some seriously tasty apps. Then our friends arrive in their choicest holiday party attire bearing additional apps, treats, and bottles.

"And that's how my Uncle informed the entire Sunday School that Santa wasn't real."

"And that's how my Uncle informed the entire Sunday School that Santa wasn't real."

"Oh yeah, I just love helping Megan with the blog."

"Oh yeah, I just love helping Megan with the blog."

Friendsmas 2015 00020.jpg
Friendsmas 2015 00006.jpg
Friendsmas 2015 00021.jpg

But my favorite portion of the evening is always when Luke conducts our triumphant, yet ramshackle, round of caroling. It's casual - with lyrics pulled up on cell phones, and song selection shouted out at random - but in a room 3/4 full of musicians and vocalists, the cacophony in three part harms is rather splendid.  


This year Luke and I even wrote a Christmas song for the occasion (in reality it was one of Luke's old demos that was "too happy"). With the addition of some jingle bells and lyrics about merriment and carols it became a bonafide Christmas ditty. We'd hoped to record it in time for the festivities, but settled on singing it live with our friends.

Ed Note: The jolly exuberance displayed below is completely unrelated to our song and has everything to do with Kyle's rendition of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You.    


Cheers to good friends, merry celebrations, and pink Christmas trees!

* Photos by those who picked up my camera throughout the night. Thank You!