Springville Hill

I feel the vision from outdoors and as I think of May, sights/smells/sense of a beautiful soft spring garden or the woods on a mushroom hunt fill my mind’s eye... Soft greens, dew drops glistening, lavenders, peach-coral, berry, pale yellow, gentle wisp of breeze, and rich loam...

Wanna go there?

Yes, yes I do. 

Yesterday my beautiful, confident and fiery friend Glenna married an amazing man and I designed their wedding! The epic imagery above is an excerpt from an email her incredible and equally stunning mother sent my way. I love these ladies, their family and the vision we established! 

Glenna's a Woman. She oozes glamour in a sequin dress, but also takes midwest country walks and hikes the Washington wilderness with Bryan, a for-love-and-country Pacific Northwesterner. She hasn't been planning her wedding since she was a girl - she didn't even have a Pinterest account prior to her engagement. What she did have were wedding vibe ideas centered on nature, springtime blooms, glamour, and throwing an outrageous party.

My job was to take those ideas and create a plan.  

As a starting point I came up with a color scheme featuring a tonal palate of peach, blush, coral, and rich berry, with navy as the anchor, sharp metallics and glimmering sequins.


The venue Glen and Bry selected was a brand new event space, that until two weeks before the wedding, was still under heavy construction. It was risky. But also sort of the only option as all other local venues were already booked.       

Our initial walk through looked like this:


But beyond the debris were some pretty incredible design elements like those brick walls and giant metal sliding fire doors. I was excited about the juxtaposition of an industrial/rustic/modern space with the natural and glamorous elements we intended to use in the decor. I spent a ton of time pouring over technical drawings and also made a 3D rendering of my own to help better visualize our plan.

Glenna's mom, Cindy, is an avid gardener, but not the overly refined or pretentious type. She's an artist. She had the idea to create multiple succulent terrariums in varying shapes and sizes to use throughout the space. From there we decided to incorporate tons of interesting glassware - candle holders, vases, dishes - anything that sort of had a geometric vibe or an uncommon shape or texture. And colorful springtime blooms, we wanted those too, but nothing stuffy or too stylized, more natural and maybe a little wild.

This was the mood board I put together for the reception decor:


Sadly, after visiting the linen rental company we realized navy tablecloths were out because their navy option was more like a childish royal blue. We opted for black instead and it turned out just fine - classy, and that swanky cocktail bar vibe we were after. 

The other major aspect of the design I had to figure out was how to create two seating areas near the dance floor. We looked into renting furniture, but it was cost prohibitive. We were able to borrow a few leather chairs and a love seat from Cindy's office, but it still wasn't enough to look substantial in the giant room. So I came up with a plan to incorporate some wooden church pews, plants, and persian rugs to create two cozy areas for guests to migrate to: 


And now you know what I've been working on for the past several months. The wedding was last night and it was a total success! I'll be back soon with some after photos.