Mediocre Drivel

The problem with running a project-based blog is sometimes there aren't any projects. Or time. Fine... or money. I'm really trying to get better about posting with more frequency; and I live with the mild, but steady nagging sensation that I must figure out how to make this blog sustainable. Nevertheless, most days I squelch that calling beneath hours of Netflix and taco pizza.

So while I haven't actually come up with any lasting solutions, I have decided to blab about the mediocre drivel that's kept me occupied recently. Hold onto your butts, this is riveting stuff. 

A few months back my friend Adrienne and I co-hosted a bridal shower for Glenna and Bryan at my place. These events always light a necessary fire forcing me to finish the many half-started projects or ideas I've been side-eying and avoiding for too long. The first and major of these accomplishments was finally painting my dining room white.  


I'd been meaning to paint it white way back when I painted the living room and I even got as far as painting one wall during some free time in March. However, running out of paint and general laziness prevented me from finishing. The night before the party is when I decided it had to be completed. In a fit of desperation I enlisted the help of my charming husband who despite his inexperience - having never painted before - was agreeable and ultimately indispensable. I finished the last wall early the following morning, mere hours before the first partygoers' arrival.   

Oh yeah, and chairs! Luke found these at our friend Tiffani's and schlepped them back for me just a few nights ago. I feel like a grown up now that I have matching dining room chairs, and also like a childish schoolgirl.


My other greatest recent achievement was solving the issue of the lack of a toilet paper holder in our guest bathroom. It's a strangely tiny first floor bathroom - directly off the kitchen, and roughly the size of a typical half bath powder room - that someone decided to shove a full sized tub and shower combo in. For about two years we've lived with stacked toilet paper rolls on the back of the tank and complacently acquiesced to the barbaric yet practical reach-around method. It has always bothered me that we don't have a designated holder for the toilet paper; but the bathroom really is so small - to attach a holder to any free wall space would inevitably crowd the occupant and require the most unnatural contorting of one's arms to reach, unroll, and pull the paper. The only real option is a stand alone floor toilet paper holder. But man are those ugly.    

I mean, sure you can find good ones, but they're expensive and who wants to spend good money on such a base-level item? So after years of putting it off I MADE A TOILET PAPER HOLDER. I told you, this is riveting stuff. 


I'm not sure what's stranger, that I intentionally shot and edited product-style photos of a homemade toilet paper holder, or that I actually DIY'd a toilet paper holder in the first place. The design is simple - 7/8" dowel cut into three parts, connected with 3/4" copper fixtures, glued into a hollow wooden box I had on hand. I stained the wooden box with several coats of walnut stain because I hated the original orange faux maple color and covered both the box and the dowel pieces with several coats of polyurethane to make it all wipeable (it's a bathroom after all). I don't know if it's even worth documenting (which is why I'm lumping it in with all this other stuff). Regardless, it was totally worth making.


Other great recent news: I am now the happy resident of a single-sofa living room! A few weeks ago Luke got the itch to rearrange his music room creating extra space for us to stow the grey sofa we've been hauling around with us the past few places we've lived. You know how it goes. It's a definitely seen better days, but isn't in that bad of shape and ultimately seems too nice to get rid of sofa. It's also a nothing special, found it at a local furniture store on clearance, made to look mid-century kind of sofa. I'm just stoked to no longer have two full-sized sofas in the same room and happy to fill the vacated space with plants.


The bulk of the rest of my time has been spent thrifting, frequenting estate sales, and abundant hoarding. 


Most of these goodies are intended for my current client project which is developing quite nicely. I'm excited to show you a few of those details in the coming weeks.