Lighting Options for the Davies

Before Light Fixture

The existing light fixture in the Davies' foyer was a Too Small, Faux-Glam Flush Mount from the previous owners. It wasn't classic enough to look authentic to the home, nor interesting enough to be eye-catching and unique. Plus, Traci hated it.

The 8' ceilings meant we couldn't go too big, or low with a new fixture so I was still considering semi flush mounts, just, ones with a little more gusto. Like the rest of the blogosphere I was smitten with this one from CB2 and included it in my first draft of the Davies' mood board. I loved the mod lines and how it made a quirky and not-so-serious statement. Traci liked it – I believe the words were, "I'm surprised I like it" – but wanted to see a few more traditional options as well. This is the collection of fixtures I rounded up: 

Obviously brass was the theme. I mean, with navy walls, brass just wins every time. The Davies chose the classic Denmark lantern for their main fixture. And it really is perfect in the space. A slightly smaller scale, it creates an impact without, um, impacting the heads of those below.  

Finding a matching set of lamps for the entry console table proved to be a little more work. I do this thing when I make mood boards: I get an idea for the product I want, attempt to *quickly* plumb the depths of the internet in its entirety to find it – at an affordable price, from a reasonable source, no less – and if I can't, I just slap something similar in its place as a stopgap to guide my search later on and give the client something to go on. It's actually a pretty solid method. Unfortunately what sometimes happens is the stopgap becomes the musthave because I get too attached, or can't ever secure a suitable fill-in. This happened with the lamps.

I hoped, no, longed to find a set of matching chinoiserie lamps, and flippantly used an expensive, but oh so beautiful, set from Shades of Light in the mood board. Then, problematically, I couldn't find any I liked better. After at-length web-based searching and several unsuccessful thrift and antique store visits we started to consider changing course. Traci and I found a few alternatives that could've worked well and I plopped them into the mood board to help us make a decision. 

But I still missed the pattern and color from the original lamps. Finally, just before settling on one of the above options, I decided to try one more antique store – a sort of last ditch, Hail Mary, cards on the table gamble. Sure enough, at the back of the store I came upon this simple set featuring the sweetest bird of paradise motif and an even sweeter price tag. 

Chinoiserie Lamps

With chest out and head held high I started referring to myself as the "Thrift Whisperer," because how often do you go searching for something specific, and then actually find it? Tall and slim, they're exactly right for the space, and add that bit of interesting pattern previously lacking on the console. It's all coming together!