Songs for Lovers (Cynics Too)

Valentine's Playlist

I'm not a true cynic – too much of a dreamer for that – but I sometimes straddle the merciless line. Call me analytical, call me guarded, but when contemplating the grandest theme of all, Love, I appreciate a little nuance. 

The reality is I'm equal parts taken with the poetry of love and the scathing deconstruction of it, too. As a result, compiling a Valentine's playlist meant an inability to commit fully to either love songs or anti-love/love-hurts songs. So whether you're a rose-colored-romantic, or a Valentine's-Day-is-just-a-made-up-Hallmark-holiday-that-forces-unnecessary-affection-by-way-of-monetary-exploitation-killjoy, here is a playlist of my favorites for you.