M Pettipoole Portrait

I've never been much for new year resolutions, mostly because I'm embarrassingly lazy, and also because I hover on the OCD spectrum with a garnish of subtle hyperbole  – and not in the quirky RomCom kind of way, but in the "how is she still married, her poor husband" way. My motivation can quickly be distorted and I tend to obsess/fret about benchmarks, rules, and timelines once I learn of their particular benefits – Water: MUST DRINK MORE WATER (conversely stop drinking white wine like it's water) or will die within the year after skin becomes covered in scales and am unrecognizable to loved ones and colleagues, Chronic Heartburn: STAY AWAY FROM ALL FOOD with any semblance of flavor, nourishment via intravenous saline solution is only reasonable next step solution, Social Media: DID I USE THE RIGHT WORD??? Spell it correctly? Am I charming without being aggressive or needy?!? The end result is that I work myself into a frenzy of obsessive second-guessing eventually giving up on it all anyway and crawling under the covers with my boxed wine, Don & Millie's takeout, and social media obscurity.

However, fully acquiesced to my over-30 status, I'm just now slowly beginning to discover there is value in achievable loosely-set goals. And a sweet spot between lackadaisical and fanatic goal-oriented pursuit does actually exist. So here are the Oh, You Know, If It Happens, It Happens goals I've set for myself and this blog in 2016:

M Pettipoole Portrait 2

Stop panicking prematurely/practice patience. I do this thing often where if a task is not easily met and a roadblock presents itself I immediately enter panic mode then frenetically start troubleshooting times a million. It's not so healthy and I usually end up working myself into a stressed-out frenzy. But the weird thing is it's like I almost like, even crave, the stressful energy because I feel a sense of moral pride that I worked so tirelessly through such a trying ordeal or something. It's that old work smarter not harder adage and I'm all no, no, no, they got it wrong, work harder, yeah that's right, you'll feel superior with your inflated work ethic and tired back. Wrong. You'll just feel burnt and bitter. Luke's analogy: I would feel better maniacally zooming up and down out-of-the-way, winding backroads and side streets instead of waiting patiently for traffic to clear. Patience. Yeah, need to work on that.   

More client projects. 2015 was very rewarding with client projects. The wallpaper in the Gilbert's basement, building a dining room table for the Whealy's, and designing the Pedersen's wedding, these were a few of my favorite things. My goal is to have even more opportunities to work on new projects and meet new people (make new friends) this year. Currently I'm finishing up a foyer project that I'm super excited to share and I'm feeling good about the possibilities!    

M Pettipoole Portrait 3

Consistent content. This has been a struggle for me - balancing a day job, creating a manageable project schedule, and devoting time to draft thoughtful posts about said projects. I definitely started to get into a more consistent posting rhythm towards the back half of the year, but I still need to work on keeping it sustainable. Having more client projects to document will totally help with that. I'm also getting back into the swing of things with the duplex and already have ideas to tackle a few rooms this year. 

Open shop. I'd like to open shop, at least a small one, for small housewares and maybe vintage apparel. A few years back I contemplated throwing my hat in with the distinguished community of online vintage sellers; however, I quickly realized my real motivation was actually just to curate interesting blog pages (so basically merchandising) or style photo shoots using various beautiful vintage pieces. It didn't seem like a smart choice to dive into that line of work. Of course I didn't come to this realization until after I'd already begun collecting quite a few goodies. I've also amassed several small props, some used in client projects, some not, and would welcome a chance to offload them to likeminded folk who'd appreciate their value. 

Drink more water. See first paragraph. 

Be me, more comfortably. Finally, this. I feel very confident (in my head), have strong opinions, and am usually vocal and engaged around people I'm most comfortable with. But, there aren't a lot of those people and like I mentioned previously, I second guess my decision-making on the regular. I'd like to continue to make strides in this area - to trust my instinct, not hold back, but still be gracious and thoughtful. 

I'm looking forward to another new year and the growth it will bring!  

** Photos by my talented friend Joseph Leaming. Thank you, Joey!