Office Plans

Ninety percent of my work is done in bed, on a 5 year old laptop, with a cup of coffee or glass of wine handy; however, I do have an office. Positioned directly off our bedroom through a set of picturesque french doors, it's a room consistently bathed in the brightest, dreamiest light and one of the first rooms that got semi-put-together upon moving in. It's also right at the top of the stairs, so it more typically is used as a dumping ground for everything ugly and functional that must be frantically hidden when people come over.

Using what we had on hand, above is what it looked like shortly after we moved in.

I mean, it's not bad. There are definitely elements I still enjoy, like the settee and chair – graciously bequeathed to me upon my parent's retirement (before they set off indefinitely to travel the country RV style). I do often imagine them reupholstered in some indulgent and opulent fashion, frequently pondering if I'm brassy enough to attempt it myself. Sigh. The hanging Confetti Systems garland – a cast-off from an old window display at work – still makes me smile. But the rug serves as a brown reminder of my 2009 love-affair with damask. And Luke (with my blessing) gave away that tiny midcentury desk because the surface area could really only accommodate the occasional addressing of a thank you card. 

Ultimately, the room just isn't functional yet. I need it to be the kind of space that I can spread out and cut yards of fabric on a large surface that is not my floor. I need a way to store every chintzy tchotchke I can get my hands on, and to organize my hoard of ribbons, wrenches, fishing line, power tools, and stockpiles of tissue paper in a slick, efficient manner. And, of course, it has to look good while doing so, because Beauty is the Mother Inspiration. The old pin board has been getting some major action lately and this is a sampling of what's inspiring me:

So, I guess just like everyone else, I'm into Light, Bright & White. There will be no whitewashing of the floors, but Operation Buttercream Walls Begone! is already underway.

I'm also currently obsessing over finding the perfect wooden table/desk – preferably an old library or lab table or something equally as charming. In an appeal to my many dozens of readers, if you have any leads, please send them my way. The hunt for a beautiful rug is on as well, and then it's merely down to good old-fashioned Storage and Organization. This is all happening in real time so just, um, get comfortable and expect me to change my mind a million times and hopefully come up with something great.