5-Year Blogiversary

Tulip Table Refresh-5.jpg

More to celebrate! July has always been a festive month for us. As you know Friday was our TENTH wedding anniversary! But earlier last week I turned 34. While 34 isn’t traditionally the kind of birthday you call out, it also happens to have been the five year anniversary of this blog – a milestone that seemed deserving of at least some recognition!

I mean, a five year commitment isn't nothing. Other than a job I hated (but worked for 8 years), and a marriage I don't hate, there's not a lot I've kept up with for that amount of time. It feels good knowing this corner of the internet continues to be a spot I return to arguably consistently, and there are people I know and don't know who join me.

Thank you! 

I started this blog a little out of creative desperation (see: job statement above) and mostly as a motivator because public documentation has a way of pushing you to do the things you think you could do, but never do. We'd just moved into our current home – a two-story duplex retaining some of the vintage charm you'd expect of a grand 1880s Victorian, along with so, SO many bad rental property design afflictions – and I was wide-eyed at all the square-footage and potential. An unabashed color & pattern lover, thrift store enthusiast, and general subscriber to the "I could totally make that (with mixed results)" philosophy, I've been slowly filling our home with second-hand treasures, decorating (and sometimes re-decorating when a better idea or new thrifted-score comes along) on a budget ever since. 

Then something cool happened. Friends and then friends of friends started reaching out to see if I'd help them with their spaces! 

The trajectory of this blog has been slow (no sponsored posts or internet-breaking traffic here!) but it's offered me a spot to offload pint-up creative energy and provide a service for others doing something I really enjoy! I'm so thankful for that and grateful to those of you who've stopped by once or repeatedly over the years.