Approachable Snow White

This is what happens when you put off thinking about your halloween costume until the night before the party. Despite my best intentions, I DO THIS EVERY YEAR! Fine, I've come to terms with my severe procrastination, and as such – after foraging through my closet and pilfering from Luke's – I present: The Unassuming and Oh So Approachable Snow White.  


For the past few years my friends Laurel, Kat, Evan and Kate (who conveniently all live next door to each other) have been throwing elaborate Halloween parties wherein they pull out all the stops, usually incorporating detailed thematic group costumes. This year's affair was themed The Enchanted Forest, at once generic and yet strangely limiting in its specificity. And while dressing in theme was not a requirement, it was encouraged, and of course another way in which I could lob one more layer of self-inflicted pressure upon myself.  


As fate would have it, after fretting and a lengthy bout of internet research to decide on my Enchanted Forest character, I showed up to the party only to find Laurel herself dressed as Snow White and the rest of the hosts as the Seven Dwarfs. 

Wah wah wahhh.

No bother, I was honored to be her understudy. 

The look was comprised of an old but favorite gold sparkle skirt from J. Crew, Luke's cobalt cardigan (worn backwards!), a red ribbon I scrounged from my sewing bin, and some black show choir type dancing shoes snagged from a thrift store long ago. 

Also, an apple for obvious reasons. 


Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe, and try not to get a tummy ache!

* Thanks for the photos Luke!