But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For


Office Update - This is not a charming wooden desk, nor an old library or lab table; it is the underwhelming, yet suitable, understudy. Sometimes knowing exactly what you want still means placeholders and stopgap solutions. 

Bright, Brass and Colorful Workspace with White Desk

The office really is coming together quite nicely. Luke found some perfect glass/metal shelving for me, and Target introduced their line of Pillowfort storage. All good things. I've been spending most waking hours wistfully standing in the doorframe, lovingly admiring the room, imagining where everything will go, reveling in all the possibilities. 

However, as you may recall from this post, I had my heart set on finding a beautiful wooden table for my desk. Unfortunately, despite my active pursuit, I've had no luck securing such a specimen. Instead – after an exhaustive search and much bemoaning over all the Craigslist Usuals: too expensive, wrong size, too far away – we begrudgingly de-cobwebbed and carried up one of those unpleasant and ubiquitous folding tables everyone seems to mysterious have skulking in their basement.  

Desk Before

I tried to come up with a few acceptable ways to transform it, but luckily remembered that whole lipstick/pig thing. This was, of course, not before briefly expending some wistful-standing-in-the-doorway-moments contemplating a few options. First, I thought about maybe building a new top out of real wood to attach the metal legs to, or to simply encase the existing laminate top. Then I came to my senses and realized if I was going to go to that trouble I might as well just build a brand new table altogether.

Bright, Brass, and Colorful Workspace with White Desk
Bright, Brass, and Colorful Workspace

So I switched to paint, and contemplated painting the top white and the legs black for a sort of clean industrial look. But then I realized it was just going to end up looking like this. And that is how I landed on all white.  

Bright, Brass, and Colorful Workspace with White Desk
Bright, Brass, and Colorful Workspace

It's not my ideal and I'm still actively looking for the wooden workbench of my dreams, but sometimes you just have to operate within the limitations and move forward. Don't worry, I've still got a few more tricks up my sleeve, and the final office reveal is forthcoming. This is just my attempt at embracing the process (despite ferociously wanting only to reveal the beautiful, full and final makeover). 

* Thank you Teenage Attorney for the photos!