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Family Photos (and an Impromptu Home Tour)

A little over two months ago – yes, two months, which I’m quickly learning in the life of a baby may as well be two years – my dear friend Emma came over to snap some photos of us in our natural habitat. Homebodies til the end! And I am in love. What she was able to capture is just so earnest and beautiful – images I will treasure forever.

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10-Year Anniversary

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. 

A long-distance relationship spanning four years and several states, from Oregon to Iowa, then Omaha to Des Moines – and at one point another continent when Luke was signed to a record label in England – we took our time taking the step. Then, in what would become typical Pettipoole fashion, in a flurry Luke proposed on a weekend home before leaving to resume his tour the following day. We were married less than two months later. 

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