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DIY Embroidered Cloth Napkins for a Bright and Sunny Thanksgiving Table

It’s another year we’re not actually hosting Thanksgiving, but I’m still playing make believe with a table dressed for the occasion. Chalk it up under weird blogger things that shouldn’t make sense, but kinda do. Last year’s table was a riot of traditional colors and patterns; this year’s, while still bright, is a more restrained and modern approach.

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Before & After – A Pretty in Peach Dresser for the Nursery

Trigger Warning: if you're a wood purist maybe skip this one.

When it comes to painted furniture I land somewhere in the middle. I'd almost always prefer a beautiful piece left un-doctored than risk witnessing a midcentury stunner slathered in chalk paint and stenciled decals. But sometimes, GASP! I do think a fresh coat of paint can actually better serve a vintage piece of furniture – specifically if you're starting out with something like this:   

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