This is where I cram all Christmas festivities into one post. On Christmas Day. 

Part 1: Decorations

Major on the decorations this year - a little french boudoir, a little whimsical, very over the top. I'm not typically a pink girl, but the avocado green sofa and newly hung absurd aztec-man tapestry demanded it. Working with what I had on hand dictated the outcome.  

Part 2: Friendsmas - "To friends who are family"

Living without family close by can get lonely - especially during the holiday season.  This year we wanted to be intentional about getting together with the near-ones we love so we hosted a Christmas dinner party! Everyone brought a dish to share and seventeen of us sat around my newly built table (more to come on that when I actually finish it).  We ate, talked, laughed, and sang!

Part 3: Christmas Day Selfie

Merry Christmas from the Pettipooles!