Christmas Decor (featuring Fir Elton John)

The halls were decked just in time to host the second annual Friendsmas last weekend (blogpost forthcoming). While most people spend the days leading up to a party planning menus, shopping for supplies, and cleaning, I, instead, spent all my time on the Christmas decos. Priorities.

Once again, I was highly influenced by my pink living room. Though I feel the need to remind everyone that until very recently I was not a "pink girl." It's more likely that my unbridled usage has more to do with the irreverent nature of boldly embracing a color with such strong gender and personality connotations - one that could even potentially be characterized as polarizing. This is how I'm justifying it to myself, at least. Finding a 7ft hot pink Christmas tree at Goodwill really solidified the vision. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Fir Elton John. 

I love that after six years of married cohabiting this is our first full-sized Christmas tree. I'm not thrilled about the placement. The bay window is where he belongs, alas, I'm once again thwarted by having two sofas in the same room. I really contemplated trying to lug one upstairs, but eventually succumbed to reason. It is only a short season after all. To fill the void in the bay window I compiled and strung all of the festive materials in my possession. It's a little nod to last year's garland with the addition of some decorations from previous holiday installations at work. Luke says it looks like a mess. I say it's whimsical.

Here's the mantel all done up. I just added in a few thrifted items to update it from its everyday look. And I'm obsessed with those glass boots! They're actually old Avon men's cologne bottles which I think is so hilariously weird. The gold trees have been making Christmas decor appearances for a few years and the extra large glam ornaments, a more recent acquisition, I'm sure will too. 

Even the entry got a modest update to accommodate some holiday cheer. Honestly, the cardboard frame I made for around the mirror fell a long time ago; and it took me this long to remove the ugly dorm room mirror and do something new with the space. It's all part of this super fun game I play, completely dictated by whim, wherein I decide I simply must change/update/move ____________, but the catch is I can't spend money. Wait, let's be real, it has little to do with spending money and everything to do with not wanting to leave the house. So I root around looking for items to move from their current location to a new and better location. It's very fun!    

Ready for some more secrets? When I took these photos of my dining room it was just after Friendsmas and everything was still set up. Because I didn't get any good pictures of the refreshments at the party I'm not embarrassed to admit (though maybe I should be) I made a faux punch comprised of water and juice. I even made another ice ring the night before to drop in the punch bowl... I sort of feel like these should be black and white with the word "re-enactment" at the bottom. And, yes, yes, that is a beautiful brass ice bucket I'm very pleased with.   

I kept the decor simple in the dining room and focused the color palate on silver and gold and pops of orange. Some dollar store garland, bowls of silver ornaments, and a lot of candles were all it took. Oh yeah, and that white wreathe I made a few years ago from cardboard, strips of lace and white muslin - another on a whim project. 

So there it is - Christmas decor 2014 edition!