DIY Plywood Wall Calendar

Last week I revealed my office makeover and if you haven't seen it you can check it out here! Today I thought I'd highlight one of the simple DIY elements that's been helping me keep organized for the past several months. 

In reality, as I'm sure is the case for most of us, my scheduling, appointments, and to-dos all live in various places on my phone or computer – i.e. my blog schedule is just a working Pages document saved in Dropbox, and everything else seems to land on my phone in either iCal or Wunderlist. But there's just something so beneficial about seeing it all at a glance and in once place.

A wall calendar. How novel, right?    

My office is located just at the top of the stairs and is the pass through to both of the other bedrooms upstairs (our master is directly through those french doors). Because it's a traffic area I couldn't put a piece of furniture on that wall, but it's the perfect spot for a calendar. 

I briefly looked into just purchasing a ready made wall calendar, but where's the fun in that? And mostly I kept coming up short in the cute/practical/large department; there wasn't a lot out there. Plus I like to see more than one month at a time to get a better feel for what's coming up.

I decided to repurpose the 3x4 piece of plywood I'd used to make a stenciled wreath two Christmases ago. I started by flipping it over and removing the ribbon and pieces of wood used to stabilize it.

Then I got to work figuring out how to arrange everything. This was the only time consuming part, because math. And I'm not completely satisfied with how I worked it all out, uh, because math... I miscalculated slightly and so the two calendars aren't identical. But it's not horrible and I'm choosing to ignore it, ok, fine, deal with it.    

Once it was all laid out with painter's tape I sprayed it white. Rolling it on probably would've been preferable because it required a ton of spray paint to cover the raw wood, but I had the paint and the momentum and sometimes you just have to get it done before your resolve wears out.

Is that just me?

Then came the oh so satisfying part of peeling the tape away.

The whole point of the project was that it was supposed to be a cheap and quick DIY using mostly what I had lying around. So I had a little bit of a hiccup when it came to finding an affordable plexiglass option to go on top. Eventually I ended up ordering this piece from Home Depot. It wasn't nothing, but a large two month dry-erase wall calendar for $35 isn't bad. 

I sprayed some screws gold, because why not, and then Luke helped me attach the acrylic to the plywood because I was paranoid about cracking it if I tried myself.  

I've been using it since finishing it last September and I love it. The clean contrast of the natural wood with the bright white feels very modern. I wanted to make something that didn't feel too homespun or kitchy, just that nice blend of practical, but good-looking DIY, and I'm very happy with how it turned out!