Backyard Summertime Birthday BBQ

I turned 29 and threw myself a party. The backstory is this: I love party-planning, prepping and general over-the-top celebrating. I'd also spent the last two months toiling to turn my dilapidated backyard into usable terrain. Naturally, I wanted to parade my efforts.

Having a birthday in early July means I'm used to sharing the glory of my birth with my country's. It's also the time it starts to truly feel like summer. I start dreaming of backyard parties, barbecue and late nights by fire pits with good friends. These two ideas inspired the theme: Meg’s Backyard Birthday BBQ!

Of course, per usual, I indulged in party-planning zeal, remembering moments before the first guests' arrival that I am hopelessly awkward and not entirely excited about being the center of attention. Luckily my friends are gracious and my husband is charming.

Backyard BBQ19.jpg