The Move

For two years we lived in a ridiculously charming 1 bedroom apartment replete with tall ceilings, wide-plank hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and transom windows.  Adorable.  It was also the first place we'd lived where we finally felt we could have friends over, host parties, and generally live like grown ups.  We had a fairly hands-off landlord which allowed me decorating freedom for the first time.  It was great.

The only downside... it was a 1 bedroom.  I realize there are plenty of people who live simply and in even tinier apartments all across the globe.  I read apartment therapy.  Maybe it's the midwesterner in me, but I started to fantasize about living in a space where our underwear didn't somehow migrate into our living room and where more than one roll of toilet paper could be kept in the bathroom at once.  Even with the tall ceilings and the large square footage, it was still difficult to keep this place tidy.  I started to feel the stress from clutter and the panic when unexpected guests dropped by.

Then, one day I looked out my window and noticed the next-door neighbors moving.  A few days later a maintenance crew arrived and began the in-between-tenants updating.  Here's why this is interesting.... The building next door was identical to ours.  Built in the late 1800s as duplexes - the building we lived in was at some point converted into four separate apartments - the one next door remained a duplex.  This began my obsession.  I could not stop thinking...wondering...imagining what this pseudo-same home next door (with double the square footage!) might be like.  On a few occasions I even coerced Luke into joining me in some night-time window peaking.  Sadly, this is when we discovered some of the many poor design decisions implemented throughout the space (more to come on that).  While the eyesores did have me second-guessing my interest, discovering it was only $100 more a month than what we were already paying sealed the deal.  Within a week from first seeing the neighbors moving out we had signed a lease and made plans to move by the end of the month. 

It's since been over four months in the new place, and we definitely made the right decision.  I'm looking forward to documenting the (slow, i'm sure) transformation of our new home.