Floor Plans and the Entry

Pardon the gross lack of precision, scale and accuracy.  This is the result of laughable computer skills attempting to create a 2D rendering of my home.

Also, how has it been four months since my last post? Bad, bad, new blogger.  In my defense, over the past few months there have been band tours, talks of moving (again), job-change conversations, side-work, more parties, and general late 20s/early 30s confusion and panic regarding the future. This will all unravel in upcoming blog posts I'm sure.

For now: the entry

Ah, those bland, generic, vinyl floor tiles... that were at some point intentionally chosen based on a belief in their design neutrality and proposed inoffensiveness.  Well, I'm offended, very, very offended. And buttercream walls, and black rubber stair treads, and ceiling tiles... you caused me much hand-wringing and second-guessing over this move.  But, the space, having all that space trumped each of your visual assaults.

The above are obviously bad move-in night photos; but, our little entry remained like this for a while after I threw a bench and some throw pillows down and moved on to other things.  However, as is standard procedure, an upcoming event, a looming deadline, or a family visit is typically what's required to move me into action.  This time around it was a job application.

My friend, Bethany, informed me of a visual display position that would soon be available and I wanted it bad.  Of course I had no art degree or past work to show my ability to craft elaborate displays in a retail setting - just a lot of zeal and retail merchandising experience.  This spawned a week-long craft binge in which all free time (pre-work, post-work, and lunch breaks at work) was spent dreaming, cutting, gluing, styling, photographing, and creating with the end-goal of developing a visual portfolio of creative work.  It was amazing and rewarding and fulfilling.

I didn't get the job (totally a let down).  I did, however, create some projects I'm proud of like a multi layered yarn installation to act as curtains and a federal-style mirror comprised of cardboard, tape, and glue. More importantly, I indulged in what makes me happy and inched closer to figuring out the kind of work I find satisfying enough to devote myself to.