Spring Trends

I realize there are many more and better overviews of the various Spring Fashion Weeks out there so I don't have plans to go into detail.  This was just an interesting personal exercise.  I've never intentionally researched the shows and attempted to formulate any comprehensive opinions on the upcoming state of fashion and its trends.  In the sprit of true self-examination it has probably been a point of pride that I have managed to be stylish without the aid of the high-fashion elite and their trend forecasts.  In reality, like the majority of both the style-minded and those uninterested or oblivious to trends, while I am not active in my research on the subject these trends undoubtedly still seep into my subconscious subtly influencing and directing my outfit choices.  This influence is probably most present in the morning as I franticly throw on and off an array of shirts, blazers, dresses and other accoutrements before arriving at the look du jour - the disregarded remnants having formed heaps on my dressing-room floor.  Like the wind, fashion's influence exists completely unrelated to my acknowledgment of it.  I'm reminded of that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep schools Anne Hathaway's dowdy character on her cerulean sweater.  

Anyway, after many hours of intentional internet perusing (It's fun! I can see why people do this.) I've created some collages of the trends I find most compelling. Perhaps this time around they'll actively influence my crazed morning wardrobe decision-making.    

Pop Art