My First Client!

My friend Laurel is beautiful, clever, charming... and incredibly patient, as this project has taken much longer than initially intended.

Recently, she and her three stylish roommates moved into a new house, and naturally, designated an entire room to be their communal closet/dressing room. As a result, she no longer had a need to store any clothing in her bedroom's closet and casually asked if I had any ideas on helping turn her unneeded closet into a vanity area. 

Of course I'm crazy, and immediately went into hyperdrive brainstorm madness, my mind bombarded with a multitude of ideas for this tiny space. Here's what it looked like to begin with:

But before I went manic with an influx of creativity we chatted about her vision and style. Analyzing Laurel's personal style and it's influence on her home aesthetic was a fun exercise. The clothes she wears are predominately effortless and classic, but always punctuated with a twist like a bold lip or crazy hair. In a similar manner her home style is heavily comprised of natural elements and rustic finishes, but with a few quirky components mixed in. Decorating in neutrals and texture-rich pieces seemed the best course of action. I thought of baskets, old botanical sketches, wood finishes, and decided to use gold to add the fun. Here's the inspiration board I came up with:

Natural Gold Vanity

Natural Gold Vanity by mpettipoole

I'm obsessed with that wallpaper. Laurel specifically mentioned the possibility of using wallpaper to help delineate the space; but, considering the $300+ cost per roll was a bit cost-prohibitive, it seemed like the perfect chance to try recreating it. All of the other items in the inspiration board were purely stand-ins with the expectation that similar items could be sourced via thrift stores and estate sales.

So this was my vision. It should have been a breeze, but hasn't gone as smoothly as planned. Hopefully I'll have some lovely photos to share soon (and some process photos to keep me honest).