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Living Room: Full of Pep

Living Room: Full of Pep by mpettipoole

I've been toying with the idea of intentionally decorating my living room. Up to this point I've operated on a piecemeal + time approach. I still love the curated and collected look of a room accumulated over time, but, really, I'm just curious to know if I can actually do it. Can I be a designer?

Over a year ago (after scoring my sofa at an estate sale) I put together the above inspiration board comprised of objects that closely resembled what I already owned, plus a few I was considering. I'm not as into it now. It's maybe a little too happy? Preppy? Or maybe I just love change too much, my whims have shifted, and I'm over it. I did end up buying the rug because it went on sale right around the time I started working on the inspiration board. I'm really happy with the graphic black and white pattern, but it's perhaps the hardest thing to keep clean. Stray popcorn kernels, sewing pins and needles, and a myriad of other debris constantly nestle their way into its woven crevices. It's also impossible to combat the dust-underworld thriving below. Nevertheless, the rug stays, as I can't justify purchasing a new one. 

As I've been contemplating a different direction for the living room I keep coming back to pink. It must be a lingering nod to this past year's christmas decor. Fuchsia, coral, even the palest shades of pink, all look so great against the avocado green sofa. I certainly don't want to veer into cutesy or girly pink territory. No, I'm after "edgy" pink and I think it's possible. 

This image from Elle Decor España has been occupying my subconscious (and Pinterest page) for a while. I think it proves that using the color in a big and unabashed way is the ticket. "Why yes, yes I did paint my living room pink."

But choosing a single shade - that's the hard part. I mean, a major reason I'm drawn to pink is because I love the idea of a multi-shade monochromatic interpretation. I could do stripes, but the probability of that entering french bistro, black and white damask, fleur-de-lis design purgatory is too great. I thought about half-painted, asymmetrical, color-blocked walls, but there might not be enough time to enjoy it before the trend is too played out. It did get me thinking about abstract shapes though. A focal wall behind the couch comprised of various shapes in various shades of pink grounded by the graphic black and white rug. I think that's where I've landed. Now, time to pick some colors!