Pardon my absence. Despite the lack of updates the living room redesign continues to move along at a comfortable pace. September has just been a rich month filled with a family beach vacation out East, the best surprise engagement celebration of all time, post-concert hang outs until 3am (what am I twenty one?), and only one pretty major fatigue-induced cry-fest. 

My friend Tiffani has the best eye (and endurance) for finding and selling midcentury wares via her shop Hank's Fuzzy Guitars and Furniture. Luke did some graphic design work for her a while back and I was the lucky beneficiary as he agreed to payment in the form of vintage merchandise. I've been sitting on these incredible spaghetti swag lamps ever since. 

Symmetrical lighting around the sofa felt right, but I worried about their stability hanging from my first floor's unfortunate acoustic ceiling tiles. Thus, sconces! It did take me a while to land on this design. I started by drafting a few ideas all comprised of various angles and elaborate wooden and/or welded contraptions. After a few trips to Lowes assuming I could wander the aisles and miraculously stumble upon the exact materials necessary to make the vision a reality (these trips happen frequently), and even a brainstorming sesh with my woodworking dad, I determined I needed a different approach. No amount of zeal could combat my inexperience and lack of power tools. Actually, in the end I guess the aisle-wandering did pay off because I discovered these extra wide shelf brackets when getting some wood cut (another project) at Home Depot.

So I spray painted those babies black and used the super professional method of running a magnet over the walls to figure out where the studs were. I got lucky because the studs were fairly centered around the window. Win! 

Installation was a breeze and now I have these lovelies to light my life:

Oh, hey, did you notice that little sliver of a white wall?? After I finished the pink accent wall I resolved it was simply imperative I free the other walls in my living room from their buttercream incarceration (see: image below). 

Google told me the most popular white paint by Valspar was "Du Jour" (obviously, I've got no time to fret and mull over various white paint chips). At the paint counter I said, "a gallon of your finest, good sir!" and shelled out $40 dollars for Valspar Reserve. FORTY DOLLARS! I'm not a professional painter so take this as it were, but Valspar Reserve is the best paint I've ever used. The consistency is thick like glue and covered in one coat, though I probably should've done two to make it perfect (again, not a professional).    

I'll spare you the details of my painting adventures and just end with, Yay! White walls! Yay! Sconces!