Living Room: Done!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Two months later and it's finally finished. I know I was really starting to push the limits on how long I could get away with covertly cropping photos and regurgitating different images of that pink wall. Then Room for Color came along and forced my hand. I'm so glad I entered and so grateful to all of you who voted and were just generally encouraging... but please, don't judge the room by those photos. These are much better:

I really did love the long mid century coffee table we had been using (another Hank's purchase). But I've been hiding a dirty little secret. As much as I think the room calls for a long sofa and a focal wall with maybe a nice mid century lounger, or two petite but cozy chairs in the adjacent bay window, I've had to accept my reality... which is... wait for it... two full length sofas in the same room. #shame. No amount of craigslist, thrift-store, or estate-sale trolling supplied any suitable seating replacements. But you know, from a strictly utilitarian perspective, having two monolithic sofas in the same room is great for his and her movie lounging (no cuddling in this house), also great for parties. A long coffee table just wasn't the right way to engage the space though. I resolved to make some sort of round or square table/ottoman, but in a providential turn of events ducked into a Goodwill the following day and ran into that brass beauty.

Are you getting a feel for the layout of the room? This should help. The narrow wall across from the green sofa has always been a challenge for me. It's gone through several design iterations over the course of our time here. The most recent being a failed attempt at floor to ceiling shelving upon which their removal completely ravaged the plaster wall. Thankfully, Luke was out of town for that destruction (patching/painting covers a multitude). This time around I went punchy southwestern. It's just a cute little place to sip coffee and indulge in some light-reading, you know, along the lines of Kierkegaard or the great Metaphysical poets (pictured: fashion mag).

Originally there was a fireplace in the corner; sadly, those flues have since been closed and the brick drywalled over. Like any full-blooded American our TV now has pride of place on that angled wall. Even so, I still wanted a mantel to decorate. So I made one out of L-brackets and some 1x6 pine boards. Some might call it a shelf. I say mantel.

 And this, this is my favorite view: