Room for Color

Monday, September 22nd at 4:57p Central Standard Time (three minutes before the deadline) I entered the Apartment Therapy Room for Color contest.


Here's what that day looked like:  

9:30a - race downstairs cursing my decision to forgo setting alarm, begin installing previously referenced wall sconces

10:30a - begrudgingly leave house in sweatpants, sans shower and brushing of teeth, to bring replacement key to husband currently locked out of car

11:00a - with shortened breath and harried movements begin installing newly-built shelf above TV 

12:00p - numerous trips up and down stairs, room-to-room scouring house for various art, books, vessels ANYTHING to place on said shelf

2:30p - frantic, so freaking frantic, STILL trying to style that shelf

3:30p - CLEAN! Throw all miscellaneous tools/shoes/food anywhere but living room

4:00p - hover over husband's shoulders after asking him to take photos, then, in fit of crazy, steal camera and sputter "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm being so crazy, I just, I, I'll take them!"

4:15p - take frenzied photos while aggressively shoving furniture and rolling/contorting body to get the "right" shots  

4:40p - yell up stairs, "I need your help! I'm losing it!" 

4:45p - fidget unceasingly while husband uploads photos, picks best, administers minor edits, sizes to specified contest parameters 

4:50p - internally berate self for not creating an Apartment Therapy profile before this moment

4:52p - pseudo hyperventilate while photos are uploaded on contest site and contest questionnaire answers are dictated to husband as fingers are too shaky and unstable to cooperate 

4:57p - submit

The photos aren't great, the styling is awful, and I'm really embarrassed I didn't paint over (or at least edit out like I usually do) that cable outlet before submitting the photos... but, I entered and put myself out there and that's something. If you'd like to vote for me or share this I'd be honored!