Proof That I Dress Exactly Like I Decorate

Bold color, lots of patterns, and kooky/grandma/weird vintage pieces. I'm not exactly stating anything novel here. It seems pretty standard for the visual expressions of an individual's creativity to all adopt a similar outward manifestation. But isn't it fun to see it play out with jewels, sequins and polkadots?!  

I'm not sure what this odd 5'x8' tiny room connected to our bedroom was originally for (a nursery?), but it does make the loveliest dressing room. In fact, out of necessity, it was one of the first spaces that came together after we moved in. It took me over two years to call it done, though, because until last week it retained those unfortunate buttercream walls I've already bemoaned ad nauseam. So during some time off from work I painted it Valspar's Icy Mint (it's reading a bit more sky blue in these photos thanks to my amateur photography skills, grrr.). I went with mint because I was sort of worried that I'd both developed a phobia of using color for more than just accent walls, and a preference for the safety of painting entire rooms white. I also loved how it related to the gold accents and made my clothes seem much, much cooler.    

Because it's so small it's a really tricky space to capture. Straight upon entering there's the french provincial dresser who's top houses all of the jewels. I hate that I rarely remember to wear jewelry, but it's still inspiring to see it all gleaming and layered, dripping from vintage vessels every morning. The crystal lamps are from an antique mall in Des Moines. I purchased them sans lampshades about 5 years ago and have been toting them around from house to house, never using them, since then. Then I found these faceted shades from Target and they're perfect.  

Turn to the left and there's a tall window in the center of the room. Curtains are sort of impractical in here because it's like a sad little tomb when they're closed for privacy. So I use this wooden screen that allows light to still stream in above. It's also where my mice and bird friends help me dress while I sing sweet morning melodies. 

After too many perilous encounters with closet setups and plaster walls I decided it best to avoid any system that required directly drilling into the walls. Thus, I made free-standing plumbing pipe clothing racks. On the wall opposite the window are my shoes and a quirky little still-life I found at an estate sale. 

Having a pretty room dedicated solely to housing my clothing is a complete luxury, I know. But with everything out and visible at a glance getting ready has become a real treat. It's also the best scenario after so many years sharing tiny closets with my equally sartorial-minded spouse.