Family Photos (and an Impromptu Home Tour)

A little over two months ago – yes, two months, which I’m quickly learning in the life of a baby may as well be two years – my dear friend Emma came over to snap some photos of us in our natural habitat. Homebodies til the end! And I am in love. What she was able to capture is just so earnest and beautiful – images I will treasure forever.

I wasn’t sure if I would share them here, hence the two month lag time, because I’m still wrestling with my feelings on posting pictures of our babe on the internet. But these photos are just too special to sit forgotten in some computer file. And a blog is basically the modern photo album equivalent, right?

BabyBeatrix-28 copy.jpg

I love the day-in-the-life candidness Emma caught. Sure, we knew she was coming over to take photos, so I tidied the house and did my makeup, but we wasted no time hiding cords or obsessing over coordinating outfits. (Of course, when you pretty much exclusively wear black it makes it easy.)

In fact, that’s one of my favorite things about these images. I’ve never shown our home with this level of styling transparentness. (See: dated living room light fixture below.)

BabyBeatrix-27 copy.jpg

Or there’s the missing blackout curtain I stole from our bedroom and haphazardly hung as a temporary placeholder (now going on 4 months strong) in the nursery…

BabyBeatrix-45 copy.jpg

Oh, hey! Yeah, the nursery. Remember that room I meant to finish and post about months and months ago? Here’s a little sneak peek at least. You know, just need to finish that curtain panel.

Ugghh, we just love her so much.

Life is so much sweeter with you, Baby Beatrix.