Budget Entry: First Steps/Paint

If you're just joining along, welcome! Some backstory: Last week I began a work-with-what-ya-got entryway makeover, primarily fueled by boredom, limited discretionary income, and an actionable disgust with my basic girl entry. Here's a link to the first post in the series. And the above dejected buttercream vestibule is where we left off.

For months Luke's been asking to get a mirror back in here. Entries and mirrors just make sense, right? I'd been searching high and low for something affordable AND interesting, but kept striking out. Pinterest convinced me that a large, clean-lined round mirror was mandatory, but pricing was just so beyond any realm of my reality. Then #targetdoesitagain, the heavens parted and this brass-framed mirror came to be (but really I spotted it adorning my girl Bethany's stylish mantel and asked if she minded if I totes copied her???).

Better. Not noteworthy yet, but we're getting somewhere. 

I picked up that rubber plant from work a few weeks back and I love him so. I think he might be in some sort of repotting shock currently, so hopefully he relaxes soon. The small provincial side table has been toted around for years, its twin currently acts as our piano bench.

The empty space above the chair wasn't working for me though, so I tried this:   

Gaahhhh! Nooo, too big!

I rummaged through my stockpile of random wood remnants (that's a thing, right), and found a thin 4' strip of leftover 1/2" birch plywood. Perfect. A thin, sleek shelf. 

I wanted to keep it simple and modern so I just coated it with a couple layers of Teak Oil, then used gold spray paint to update some small metal brackets I already had on hand. Total cost: Freeeee! 



For the last three years I'd been daydreaming about painting the entry, but thinking of the stairs, and how to paint that high, always grounded me. Well, finally I got wise and realized no one would ever really see if I perfectly painted all the way to the tippy-top.

So yeah, it's completely wretched up that stairwell, just out of view, though, so we cool. 

The color is Valspar's Du Jour, it's what I've got going throughout most of the rest of the house, and it's doing wonders to brighten the dim entry/my spirits. 

But I'm not color-averse! I've had plans to do some sort of wall hook situation in the narrow hallway for some time. Painting below the proposed wall hooks was the perfect way to incorporate a dark color without undoing the fresh benefits of bright white walls. 


I chose Valspar's Oatlands Shutter Green because it met my three requirements: green, dark, and not teal (guys, I love teal, too much, gotta keep things interesting). It also plays nice with the Pink Party still raging in the adjoining living room.  

Three cheers for progress! These first few updates already have the space feeling much more inviting. Keep reading along for more!