I Quit My Day Job!

After ten years in retail - mostly spent as a Visual Merchandising Manager for a reputable retailer - I've officially moved on to pursue some new and exciting opportunities. 

And I'm jazzed!

I just finished working my second week at the swankiest local furniture shop, Hutch, and it's a total dream. Being surrounded by all the brass and industrial vintage accessories, art by local makers, plants on plants on plants, and the most colorful and luxe modern sofas in all the land – it's totally killer for the inspiration game. 

It's also part-time which means I've got, wait for it, time to focus more attention on designing.

And that's what I'm doing!

This blog has always been about documenting my enthusiasm for interior design, primarily at home, but I've also been entrusted by a handful of clients to transform their spaces too.

I'm excited to devote more attention to developing this part of my business!

Photo: Bethany Gilbert

Photo: Bethany Gilbert

cobalt basement with floral wallpaper

I'm a color-loving, pattern-mixing, quirky-vintage-oddities enthusiast, obsessed with conceptualizing a design and then delving into the details to make it a reality.

And that just-right mix of modern-meets-vintage is totally my jam. 

Photo: Bethany Gilbert

Photo: Bethany Gilbert

If you're a potential client interested in working with me, let's chat!

If you're a loyal reader or new visitor – or someone who erroneously stumbled upon this page whilst searching for an innumerable amount of other more important information – and have no interest or need for design services, thanks for encouraging me by reading along! 

I look forward to new projects, new opportunities for content, and the space to write (usually way too much) about all the beauty and inspiration fueling me.