It's the Little Things (V. I)

These days, motivation is a fickle friend. I find myself with more time on my hands than ever before, but the drive that once pushed and defined me seems more frequently found still languishing in bed, head under pillow, pleading for "just 10 more minutes." Existential angst aside... I have, by way the fits-and-starts method, accomplished a few smaller projects over the past few months. And to corral this hodgepodge of accomplishments into the semblance of a cohesive post I've come up with the all encompassing (mildly unimaginative) moniker: It's the Little Things.    

Let's dive in, shall we?

After years of side-eyeing and sneakily cropping it from photos, the ubiquitous boob light in my entryway is no more! We'd never changed out a light fixture before and, despite bloggers a-plenty and home-reno tv stars repeatedly proclaiming how easy it was, I always felt apprehensive about trying in our rental. Instead, I employed the avoidance approach, pretending if I didn't notice it, no one else would.

Then one day I stumbled upon a craigslist listing for a brass mid century chandelier for $15 –a price just fine enough to get me off the couch and willingly talking to a stranger. Aided by some googled instructions and a few choice words, Luke and I had the new/old chandelier installed within minutes.    

I love it. I mean, yeah, it's totally a dining table chandelier – with the blinding brightness (completely unnecessary in an entryway) that a five-bulb fixture produces – but if you squint doesn't it maybe kind of resemble this

Then there's Luke's office. It's been over a year since I first mentioned rather begrudgingly merging his music set-up with the dining room. You've seen glimpses of it in the background of other posts, but for the most part I've tried very intentionally to keep it from view because other than painting the dining room white, I hadn't done much else with the space. The odd tiny room directly off the dining room (originally intended for Luke's office) became a storage heap, tidied only once every couple of months when we had visitors. And until very recently it retained its original uninspired buttercream yellow walls.   

We'll not anymore! In a wave of motivation I painted it a dark navy from Valspar called Cobalt Cannon. I love that depending on the light it sort of appears charcoal, forest green, or navy. Here's a sneak peek because I really think soon, very soon I'll actually post pictures of Luke's completed home studio. 

I've also spent the past few weeks immersed in the tiresome craft of curtain making. As I've mentioned before, the brilliance of living with 10' ceilings means the not-so affordable option of purchasing readymade curtain panels, or the not-so glamorous option of making them. Practicality/finances always necessitate I choose the latter. And with such a beautiful coat of paint now on the walls it felt silly not to outfit the window accordingly. This meant making two panels for the blue room and another four for the bay window in the dining room – which until recently boasted a single sheet of privacy film on the main window and a keyboard leaning against the other...

And finally, the living room: will I ever stop messing with it?

Amid the after-Christmas flurry whilst removing decorations and feeling the whims of a new year, progress, and possibility nipping at my nose I decided not only was I ready to be rid of the pink tree, but it was also time to move on from my pink accent wall. I briefly considered exploring other colors before landing on my safe and always faithful Valspar Du Jour (aka white).

Then it felt so sad and boring that I decided to fill it back up with colorful, patterned art. It's still a work in progress as evidenced by the smattering of empty frames, but it already feels more fresh and bright.    

Hmmm, maybe this little list of random achievements is just what I needed to keep up the momentum. It does feel moderately impressive when viewed as a whole.

Time will tell.