Learning How to Create as a New Mom


Hello! It feels good to type that out - a proverbial tip toe back into blogging. Since last post I’ve been immersed in nurturing a new and tiny human and the capacity for anything other than feed-burp-diaper-repeat is slim.

But we’re nearing the three month mark and in addition to feeling like I’ve kinda, maybe got a handle on this whole new parenting thing (cue: every other parent’s knowing oh girl just wait smirk), I’m also starting to feel the creative tug return. 


The problem is, navigating this creative resurgence with my new (and wonderful!) role is tough. I’ve weathered creative dry spells before and also thrived on the manic up-all-nighters. But I’ve never had to manage my creativity. Where once I was unfettered, able to devote all time and headspace to the current project du jour, now I’ve got short hour-long bursts during nap time. 


And this is a lengthy way to say it felt good to work those muscles. Over the weekend I helped throw a baby shower for some good friends. And when I say “helped”, I really mean the least you can reasonably do and still get away with signing your name on the card. 

I didn’t come up with the theme (Camping, if you couldn’t tell); I didn’t design the invitations or create the menu or choose the dishes or arrange the flowers. And I didn’t intend to post about it (these are just some iPhone snaps taken for posterity). 


But what I did do was take several nap times over the span of a week to make that silly little banner above and then deck those tables with all the plaid fabrics and camping accoutrements scrounged up between the group of us. 

And despite its relative innocuousness, that alone felt like hiking a mountain... or starting a fire... or pitching a tent... (just how many camp metaphors will I liken it to?). It may not be a full room makeover, but I have to believe it’s exercising those semi-atrophied creative muscles.

It feels good to get back at it.