Melt With You

Thirty happened. And we celebrated by throwing a New Wave/80s Bash.

I've mentioned this before, but despite being cripplingly aware of my social inadequacies I LOVE TO PARTY. It's this weird anomaly, I know, but I'm privileged to have a group of girlfriends who, too, love to turn any and all activities into an excuse to get festive. Themed parties, well they're sort of our pièce de résistance.

I don't know when it started, but my affinity for 80s style has been longstanding. There's just something about that airbrushed, neon, edginess that has always captured me. I've spent the better part of my adulthood attempting to walk the line between full on 80s excess and contemporary fashion. Then there's the infectious synth pop. I just can't get enough.

My aforementioned compatriots don't reciprocate my affection for the decade, but they do love me. This is how, with much reticence, the idea of an 80s-themed 30th birthday bash was posed. I was instantly excited, but wary of using the "80s-theme" label because I didn't want people mistakenly assuming this was a leg-warmer, srunchie, puffy-paint shin-dig. Rather, the vision was gritty NYC dance clubs of the late 70s/early 80s pumping out New Order and other quintessential synth-based glory. A New Wave fête. (Don't worry, the pretentiousness of that statement is not lost on me).

As the planning progressed, however, it was evident that having no access to an old warehouse or exposed brick walls meant a shift in vision was necessary. Thus, we landed somewhere between New Wave and 80s Prom – basically the John Hughes Indie world of my dreams. 

The girls hosted at their spacious pad and crafted a drink menu focused on incredible punch-bowl cocktails. I did decos and went overboard of course. 

New Wave 5.jpg

Luke killed it with the playlist. Like the kind of playlist where every other song prompted an unbridled "I LOVE THIS SONG!" declaration and a rush back out to the makeshift dance floor. 

Thank you friends for celebrating with me! Thank you Bethany for capturing such amazing candids. Thank you Laurel, Glenna, Kat, and Adrienne for my favorite birthday to date.