My Official-ish Office Reveal

Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs

It's been just over a year since I last mentioned my office – ah, the blissful zeal of quitting a corporate job and feeling the immediate urgency to create a home office. Unlike most of my other home projects, progress didn't actually stall on this room, I just kept stalling hoping I'd come across the charming wooden library table or old science lab desk of my dreams. That never happened, but in the interim I did actually create some handy storage solutions and a room I've been happily using ever since. 

Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs
Purple Vintage Floral Curtains

I still end up in bed on my laptop more than I ever sit at the table and type like a fully functional adult, but the room has paid off in many other ways. Specifically, since I never found that desired heirloom wooden desk, and have instead been using the folding banquet table I spray painted white, I feel no remorse over subjecting it to whatever mess the latest project du jour creates. That tidy desktop staged for photos is not a true representation of reality. Currently, it's covered in splotches of stray acrylic paint and hoards of taper candles and dishes for an upcoming shoot.      

Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs
Brass Vintage Office Desk Lamp
Tassel Garland on Mannequin

This is one of those strange pass-through rooms on our second floor – large enough to be a bedroom, but you have to walk through it to get to each of the other rooms upstairs so it feels strange to designate it as one. It's perfect for an office, though, and gets the dreamiest natural light.

Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs and Prop Shelves

I didn't really need a legit office per se. I'm not spending my days drafting formal documents or facilitating big business deals. Basically I just needed a spot to hold all my junk. As a stylist I end up with a lot of props, candle holders, dishes, linens, etc, plus all the weird vintage figurines I can't say no to because they have the potential to be perfect for some future undetermined photo.

Additionally, I needed somewhere to house all my sewing gear. Then there's all the basic tools you somehow amass over the years but, like the set of tiny screwdrivers or multiple tape measures, definitely can never find when you need one – I wanted an organized setup for those, too. In general, it needed to serve many purposes and look good doing so, because ultimately, an inspiring workspace is what keeps the creative momentum going. 

Colorful Sewing Machine Shelves
Office Shelves

I scored these shelves from a display at my aforementioned corporate job. I like how the simple unstained plywood and grey industrial brackets are a neutral backdrop for whatever whimsical/colorful/useful objects find their way up here. And yeah, I totally stole that terrarium print from the bathroom. 

Colorful Shelves in Home Office
Monochromatic Thread Storage

I'm a bit sentimental about this sewing machine. A gift from my Great Aunt upon her passing, it's what I learned to sew on at 16 – newly infatuated with thrifting and consequently reconstructing oversized ironic t-shirts. I also inherited her existing collection of (vintage!) spools of thread and needles and lace and all the accouterment that goes along with a lifetime as an expert seamstress. Even more beneficial were the extensive personal notes she wrote for herself pertaining to every minute facet of this machine, like receiving a personalized owner's manual (or one particular copy of Advanced Potion-Making), it depicted every nuance and quirk one might ever encounter, along with specified guidance on maneuvering.

This machine is a tank, and I've been lugging it around with me, move after move, ever since, making everything from reconstructed emo tees, countless throw pillows – and my wedding dress.

Colorful Thread and Vintage Sewing Machine

At this point, if you're feeling like this is all looking very familiar and you're wondering if you've already seen this room, from literally this exact angle before, you're right. I never documented any other view because I hadn't quite found storage solutions for all my junk. 

Surprise! It's actually a legitimate room with four walls. And here's what the other side looks like!

Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs
Colorful Home Office with Pink Chairs and Brass Shelving

Luke found the metal and glass display shelving unit for me at a thrift store, which very fortuitously had already been spray painted gold. It's perfect for housing more props (gold flatware, anyone?) as well as functional office accessories like pens and paintbrushes, a stapler, and that floral box filled with a variety of pattered tissue papers.

Colorful Home Office with Pink Storage

It's also where I feature this favorite though moderately unseemly abstract painting. Purchased in Des Moines at a nighttime vintage market, I was so glassy eyed by my find (the color! the size!) I didn't notice the very obvious phallic addition in the lower left.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you unknowingly buy a penis painting.

Colorful Home Office with Pink and Brass Storage
Colorful Home Office with Pink and Brass Storage
Rifle Paper Co. Notebook in Brass Desk Organizer
Blue Abstract Painting and PInk and Brass Office Chair

I'm also smitten with this lamp. It's a bit beat up, but that shape in shiny brass is too good. And what is there to say about those chairs? Words fail me. Probably my best find to date and I will have them until the day I die. 

Vintage Brass Table Lamp
Vintage Pink and Brass Office Chair
Ponytail Palm

Huzzah! One more angle you haven't seen ad nauseum! This is where all our tools ended up. A simple peg board painted white holds all the essentials. And the yellow shelves are perfect for storing all the boxes of screws, wood glue, and electrical tape I seem to use on a regular basis.   

Colorful Office with Painted Peg Board and Vintage Furniture
Pegboard and Pink Tool Storage in Home Office
Pegboard and Colorful Tool Storage in Home Office

I bought a bunch of these pink plastic tubs from Target right as they introduced the Pillow Fort line. They're perfect. Just the right size and the color keeps things light-hearted and frivolous – exactly what you want your tool storage to convey. 

Pink Storage in Home Office
Ponytail Palm

And here's the view from our bedroom. Not a bad sight to wake up to every day.

Home Office with Pink and Brass Office Chairs and French Doors

I'm officially-ish calling this room done, and no longer holding my breath for a wooden vintage desk. That is unless you or someone you know has a lead on the whereabouts of one. I could be interested...