My Pink Living Room: An Update

M Pettipoole – Pink Living Room Accent Wall

It's been almost two years since I decorated and documented my living room on the blog and I thought it might be interesting to show some of the changes that have taken place since. In some ways it feels like it wasn't really that long ago; I still clearly remember how bland the Before was. But in those occasional moments wherein I pause to ponder my painter's taped geometric pink accent wall, I think, ok, yeah, 2014 for sure. 

M Pettipoole – Pink Bohemian Living Room Accent Wall
M Pettipoole – Pink Living Room Accent Wall

Really, not a lot has changed on this side of the room. I'm still smitten with that class-act brass and glass coffee table. And though the cushions on my tufted beaut of a sofa have, under our tutelage, been irrevocably stained, I'm still so happy with that estate sale score. Yes, I do sometimes question the pink accent wall. Ah, the good ol' days (two years ago) when painters tape and accent wall DIY's were queen. But then I see these photos and smile. 

I added that Mexican serape blanket to inject a little casual bohemian vibe and tone down any residual black, white and pink preciousness. Eventually, I hope to switch out the pillows too, and maybe even add some neutral art to the wall to quiet the space a bit more.   

M Pettipoole – Pink Bohemian Living Room

One of the best updates is now that I NO LONGER HAVE TWO FULL SIZE SOFAS IN THE SAME ROOM (a joy I've already exclaimed over in a few blog posts) the tulip table sits neatly nestled in the bay window. Anchored with the church pew on one end and those three clean-lined danish stools on the other, it's the sweetest little nook.      

M Pettipoole – Pink Bohemian Living Room
M Pettipoole – Yellow Flowers

Earlier this year we changed things up in the dining room to create a mini in-home studio for Luke. Our first layout had the tulip table in the dining room as we attempted to work all of Luke's other gear around it. Ultimately, it just felt really odd. After countless layout revisions, it now sits pretty in our living room, and I'm into it.

M Pettipoole – Victorian Bohemian Living Room

Big change on the other side of the room too... Heyo, we're now those weird people who don't have a TV in their living room. The reality is, the only time we plopped in front of the TV every night was with dinner in our laps, only to stop mid episode once our food was finished, and migrate up to our bedroom to watch for the remainder of the evening on a laptop.

M Pettipoole – Southwestern Pink Living Room

When we converted the dining room to Luke's music room it involved purchasing another TV to act as the largest control room computer monitor of all time. It seemed silly to have two large TVs in adjacent rooms so we moved the older one up to our bedroom and life has been perfect ever since. Yeah, we're totally fine being those people with a TV in their bedroom.  

And bonus! I got to add the legs back to that vintage Grundig record console and have yet another surface to style and obsess over! 

M Pettipoole – Bohemian Pink Living Room
M Pettipoole – Southwestern Living Room Mantel Decor
M Pettipoole – Pink Southwestern Living Room

I'm really digging these minor updates! They've (mostly) tempered my typical desire to change all the things all the time, while also infusing a more lived-in casual approach.

What do you think? Are you judging me for a TV in the bedroom?  

M Pettipoole – Bohemian Living Room with Pink Accent Wall
M Pettipoole – Pink Southwestern Living Room Decor