New Year, New Client Master Suite Renovation – The Before


I love starting a new year with a new client project! 

I've been working with the best couple, updating and partially renovating their master bedroom and bathroom. Their home is a three-story charmer nestled in a historic urban neighborhood, boasting all the glorious old-home character you'd expect. And their decorating efforts, visible throughout the main living areas, perfectly reflect their colorful personalities and design sensibilities. But, as is the case for most of us, their bedroom hadn't yet received the same level of decorative attention.

Much of the existing furnishings in their bedroom were leftovers from previous design iterations over the years. But the basic layout of the space was undeniably spectacular – an open concept from bedroom to large en suite master bath, separated by the dreamiest sliding french doors (currently hiding behind curtains). And the star of the space... that freestanding clawfoot tub!

Most likely a sunroom/sitting room originally, the former owners had transformed it into its current state, adding the tub and necessary plumbing for the other bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, much of their selections were both aesthetically and functionally puzzling. The wall opposite the tub is wide enough to accommodate a standard double vanity, but instead they'd installed a single. Thus, countertop space was in short supply and getting ready necessitated a choreographed dance every morning. Adding more storage, a double vanity, and additional lighting were top priority. 

The bedroom didn't require any of the more in-depth structural changes like the bathroom. Instead, my main goal in here was to inject some more personality via new furniture and textiles.   

Book storage was also a major concern. My clients love to read, but nightstand surfaces, and the double-doored hutch and short bookcase pictured below were quickly approaching max capacity. 


We're finally nearing the project's end which means I'm super excited to start sharing the process with you over the coming weeks. Check back soon for more detailed plans and my inspiration!