It's Officially Unofficial Summer - A Playlist

Summertime Playlist – M Pettipoole

Summer is open-air chats late into the night, crisp citrus flavored cocktails on patios, and far-reaching road trips, where destination is always secondary to journey.

Summer is freedom. You've made it through the winter malaise and spring's frenetic forecasts. It's time to take off your shoes, let your shoulders dip a bit, and breathe the smell of sun on your skin.

The truth is, I was an AC baby for most of my adolescence and early into adulthood. Summer wasn't idillic. It was hot, sticky uncomfortableness, preventing me from continuing in my preferred multi-layered fashion (and mocking my self-imposed shorts-shame).

But there was a time before all that fussiness. Growing up in the West Texas heat – with holes-in-the-knees-jeans chopped into long shorts, and a ribbon remnant haphazardly corralling a tangle of flying brown hair – I was scaling monkey bars, climbing trees, and making-believe, without even a fleeting concern for temp.

Summer is youth, it's vitality, vibrancy. But not vapid. It's the celebration and satisfaction of living yet another year, growing and reaching like baked earth for liquid skies. Wisdom with age makes the privilege and memories most beautiful. 

And each summer this is the collection of songs, reinforcing that summertime effervescence and wanderlust, I continually come back to.