Our Bedroom

Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard

Our bedroom, rather unoriginally, has always been last on the decorating to-do list. It's the room no one sees, so historically has been the catchall for displaced furniture and other relics of past (sometimes questionable) design inclinations. Can you relate?    

But after the few glimpses afforded via Design*Sponge last week (hooray!) I thought I'd document the room in a little more detail.

Hollywood Regency Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard
Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard

The last and only time I ever discussed our bedroom on the blog was here in my brief but earnest intention to embrace cozy simplicity and a neutral color palette. Turns out I couldn't fully commit. Still, compared with the rest of the house's pops of exuberance, I think our bedroom balances my love of vibrancy with a longing for serenity.

Ok, are you ready to see what it looked like before? Geez, this is humbling.  

Bedroom Before

Obviously, the unedited iPhone pic isn't making this room look any better, but there definitely are some design grievances worth calling out. The first offender is the wall color. I've dubbed it Buttercream, but it's basically that drab cream/beige landlords love to swathe their rentals in, and the color I've been systematically erasing from our home room by room.

The settee at the end of the bed is a cast-off from my parents that for years I've been intending to recover. It really is too tall for that spot though. And the curtains were given to me by sister upon moving into my first solo apartment over 10 years ago! They're dated, and way too short for 10' ceilings, but in the name of privacy (and cost-effectiveness) they went up and have stayed put since the day we moved in. 

Bedroom Before

So naturally, the first thing I did was paint the walls my go-to white, Valspar Du Jour. I'm not gonna lie, painting them white didn't instantly brighten the space. But you know what did? Replacing those too-short curtains with these longer panels – you know, now hung appropriately. Like the curtains throughout the rest of the house, I ended up making these because it was just too expensive to buy six 120" readymade blackout panels. 

Regency Bedroom with Bold Abstract Art
Hollywood Regency Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard

One of my favorite features in the space is the set of french doors. They make the room feel so luxe and even a bit Parisian, playing into my fantasy of waking in a glamorous pied-à-terre.   

Bedroom with French Doors and Gold Velvet Headboard

Getting the layout right was a tad tricky. My instinct was always to place the bed in its current position; I liked the idea of creating such a grand view upon entering through the french doors. But the real obstacle was how close the door to my dressing room was to the bed. Whether I kept it open or closed its proximity would always preclude any substantial nightstand. As a result, I decided to play up some asymmetry using an old bentwood chair on my side and a larger side table to fill the space on Luke's. 

I also replaced the too-tall settee with this mid century bench at the foot of the bed. Honestly, it's actually too small for the spot, but it works better than what was there and was something I already had on hand. I briefly considered styling it out with pillows, a throw, and maybe placing a large plant or different vessel on the side to fill up the empty visual space, but in the end chose to show it how it really looks on the day to day – that is, on the rare days when it's not covered in clean clothes tumbling out of stacked laundry baskets.

Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard

No space for a bedside table lamp made this room the perfect contender for the hanging fringed lantern I found at a second hand shop years ago. 

Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard
Gold Velvet Headboard and Hanging Fringed Lantern

I kept the bedding mostly neutral with an inexpensive light grey duvet and coordinating small scale patterned sheet set from Target. Then of course, I wanted more color! More pattern! So I made some pillow shams using this fabric. I would've loved a more decadent chinoiserie printed fabric, but considering we'd been living with hand me downs and placeholders for so long, the name of the game with this little bedroom refresh was cheap!

Most importantly, I love how all of these elements work to highlight that golden velvet headboard – a killer score from my friend Tiffani via her shop Hank's Fuzzy Guitars and Furniture

Colorful Floral Pillow Shams and Gold Velvet Headboard
Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard

An antique mirror complete with wavy glass, and a collection of baskets, an attempt at keeping dirty laundry in check, fill out the other side of the room. 

Antique Mirror and Bohemian Baskets in Bedroom

And I love the room's most recent acquisition, the rug I fortuitously snagged at a women's clothing boutique in the process of going out of business. Sadly, I've been unsuccessful in convincing Luke of its value on account of its thin and not so luxurious texture underfoot... so it may not last long. But that perfectly worn and faded Birds of Paradise motif just gets me! 

Worn and Faded Birds of Paradise Rug
Antique Mirror in Bright and Colorful Bedroom

I didn't invest a ton of time or resources on this room, but ultimately, the brighter walls and more subdued styling have significantly changed how we view it. No longer just the place we go to fall asleep at the end of the day, now our bedroom feels relaxing, inviting, and put together in a manner much more cohesive with the rest of our colorful and collected home! 

Bright and Sunny Bedroom with Gold Velvet Headboard