Playing Dress Up


The weather is changing! This means after my uninspired summer of chambray button down and jeans everyday, it's finally time to get to layering! 

For as long as I can remember, I've ritually participated in the seasonal changing-over of my closet. I don't know if this is a common practice or not, but it began as the result of small space dwelling and the inevitable limited closet space. It persists because, as one who consistently struggles with tardiness, it's too stressful frantically trying to throw together an outfit were a Black Watch tartan blazer to commingle with a pleated floral day dress. The perk is I genuinely am thrilled season after season upon unpacking previously stored treasures. It's like new (old) clothes every time!  

Following this most recent closet conversion I decided to reshoot the dressing room. I was never happy with the original photos I took last year because I couldn't get the colors right. My novice attempt at using artificial lighting meant somehow the fresh icy mint walls ended up looking more like dull daycare blue.

Stylistically, not much has really changed in the room other than the recent inclusion of my outerwear (per Luke's assertive request I no longer overtake the first floor hallway closet), but you'll pardon my personal quest to better document this space, right? Plus, now we can all acknowledge how disproportionate my ratio of sequined apparel to actual wearable clothing is. Also, why so many blazers? Seriously, I think I own 4 shirts total. If I were an ice skater, or off duty runway model (you know, classic: blazer, no shirt ensemble), I'd be set. 

I love this little room. After years of squeezing everything into tiny single rod closets, and numerous failed attempts to unskillfully inject extra storage (always waking to its inevitable crashing down in the middle of the night), this space is a serious treat.

Cheers to having everything out in the open and (mostly) less harried mornings!