Reevaluating the Bedroom Design

My Scandinavian Home via Emma Fischer

This isn't a makeover post.

In fact, like I imagine is the case for many (most?) people, our bedroom is the least designed space in the home. Dutifully running on both an assortment of hand-me-downs and a collection of items purchased randomly over time and out of necessity, it's pure function-over-form here. The reality is, it's tough to care about a space that so few see.  

This isn't our bedroom.

Bright and Airy Bedroom

French by Design via Decordots

But I've been thinking a lot about our bedroom lately, and how a well-designed space just has a way of feeling cozy and relaxing. 

Obviously, I love color and pattern. And I've always rolled my eyes whenever some well-meaning tv designer spouts that worn cliche "the homeowners just wanted their master bedroom to feel calm and serene, you know, a sanctuary and escape from the craziness of real life."


Casual Pink Bohemian Bedroom

Ernests via What a Wonderful Home

So, I'm sort of not sure why all of the sudden my Pinterest page is now teaming with all manner of these simple, lived-in, and dare I acknowledge, mostly neautral (!) rooms.

But, man, I am so into it.  

Casual Parisian Bedroom
Messy Bed from @foundandkept instagram
Soft Pink Cozy Bedroom

Style by Emily Henderson via Avenue

It just feels so calm and tranquil, the kind of room made for weekends.

Right now, actually, our bedroom is in the process of getting the white wall treatment. And that is probably all that will happen for awhile. I might try some finessing. Hanging something on the (after 3 years) still empty walls. Maybe someday new bedding. But for now, I'm just tryna get some of this laid back simplicity in my life.  

What do you think? Boring or beatific?

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