Spring Table Setting

March 20th may be the first day of spring, but it's always Easter that seems to signal the true arrival. Fresh blooms, new growth, and the thrill of warm air kissing the tiniest bit of exposed skin – it's resurrection in multiform. To celebrate spring's entrance I put together a cheerily uncomplicated table setting perfect for Easter Brunch, or really any spring fête, like a bridal shower, birthday, or dinner party! 

I started with a simple white tablecloth, but bonus points if you have a white table to begin with and aren't trying to camouflage a generic folding one. Inspired by the most adorable fern-printed plates found at hutch, I knew incorporating pale blush into the mix would make them shine. Using the underside of some bright pink fabric I had on hand, I made some cloth napkins (and buy "made" I mean literally just cut 20" squares, no finishing edges, no sewing...), then placed it all atop a basic white dinner plate. 

To keep the pink from feeling too "sweet," I used a small-scale black and white striped runner (previously made for Glenna's wedding) placed down the center. It's thin stripes add another subtle pattern without being overpowering.

Those gold striped tumblers I picked up a few Christmases ago from J.Crew. I'm pretty sure they're actually intended as whiskey glasses, but I'm pretending they're acceptable for water because that metallic gold banding is just so good with the pale blush and green. Who needs water anyway, when you've got oh-so-chic coupe cocktail glasses for sipping bubbly? Long-obsessed with that style of glassware, I snagged a vintage set a while back, and they instantly play into all my cosmopolitan mid-century fantasies.   

Spring has such a light and effervescent feel to it and I wanted to keep that going with the table top decoration. This meant nothing too cluttered, with a focus on restrained simplicity – not my usual bag of tricks, but I can dig it. 

These vintage glass candleholders are a dime a dozen in almost every thrift store. I'm always enamored, but refrain from purchasing because I don't have a use in mind for them. When I started thinking about this table setting and the general simplicity I was after, I knew they'd be perfect. And sure enough I went to one Goodwill the day before the shoot and found all of them. There are probably several candlestick colors that could've worked well; I chose green for more fresh, nature-infused vibes. 

And then of course the most important element, spring blooms. I don't actually know what I'm doing in this arena, and if I were a rich girl I'd hire this task out every time. There's just such value in non-tacky, effortless, and artfully-styled floral arrangements. Nevertheless, I am not a rich girl, so I continue trying my hand at it. And, hey, this time didn't turn out too terribly!   

Trader Joe's is where it's at for cheap, beautiful flowers. I picked up one of their pre-made bouquets of assorted spring styles, plus one bunch of eucalyptus, and a cluster of daffodils, all for around $10 total. Seriously, so cheap. Normally, working with flowers in a similar color palette is the safer/preferred method, but I feel like there's much more freedom when it comes to spring florals. Snow whites, vibrant corals, punchy yellows, and moody plums all nestled in a lush bed of green, it just feels so alive, so spring.

But, let's be clear, the real standout is that vase. It's the Celfie vase, also from hutch, and I'm smitten. Hey lady, you're looking a little wild and your mild condescension is palpable. Let's chat!

Happy spring entertaining!