Styled Photoshoot for Cheryl Dyer Calligraphy

My friend Cheryl Dyer is a seasoned calligrapher and hand letterer, specializing in wedding, event, and commercial designs, as well as commissioned pieces. A few months back, she hired me to style and our friend Bethany Gilbert to photograph her incredible work for the launch of her updated website. Collaborating with creative friends is seriously one of the best perks of this job!

Prior to the photoshoot Cheryl had already begun working on some of the design elements on her website including creating her brushstroke inspired logo, and deciding on clean sans serif fonts in a soft color palette. 

To keep the photos cohesive with the rest of her site, she wanted the overall style to be light, a bit effervescent, with nothing too high contrast or graphic. She also wanted it to have an air of casual ease, meaning nothing too fussy or perfect.

We set up our makeshift studio space in my upstairs office where the abundance of bright natural light is positively dreamy! Combining Cheryl's box of props, including that magical geode and a teeming array of calligraphy apparatus and paraphernalia, with whatever other lovey objects were within arms reach (I hoard pretty things!), we created simple, enchanting shots, all highlighting Cheryl's craftsmanship.      

If you're looking for a calligrapher or hand letterer, do reach out to Cheryl! She's a true artisan, fluent in modern sensibility and a skilled lover and practitioner of the ancient craft. 

Thanks Cheryl for letting me work with you! And thanks Bethany for the beautiful images!

* All Photos by Bethany Gilbert