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Family Photos (and an Impromptu Home Tour)

A little over two months ago – yes, two months, which I’m quickly learning in the life of a baby may as well be two years – my dear friend Emma came over to snap some photos of us in our natural habitat. Homebodies til the end! And I am in love. What she was able to capture is just so earnest and beautiful – images I will treasure forever.

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Bohemian Meets Luxe Master Bedroom – Reveal!

Hooray! I'm finally getting my act together and posting the completed Bohemian Meets Luxe Master Bedroom Makeover. I decided to split the bedroom and bathroom into two posts because there are just too many good photos (thanks, Bethany!). So check back in a few days for the finished bathroom.

But for now, here's a refresher on how the bedroom started out:

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New Year, New Client Master Suite Renovation – The Before

I love starting a new year with a new client project! 

I've been working with the best couple, updating and partially renovating their master bedroom and bathroom. Their home is a three-story charmer nestled in a historic urban neighborhood, boasting all the glorious old-home character you'd expect. And their decorating efforts, visible throughout the main living areas, perfectly reflect their colorful personalities and design sensibilities. But, as is the case for most of us, their bedroom hadn't yet received the same level of decorative attention.

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