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5 Tips for Filling Your Home with Good Art (on the Cheap)!

I'm currently in the middle of revamping some thrift store art, just waiting on the new frames I ordered to arrive. If it works I'll have more inexpensive wall decor to add to our brimming collection.

There was definitely a time when it felt impossible to acquire interesting, but affordable art. I'm not just talking one-of-a-kind masterpieces; even stylish prints were out of reach. And sure, while I hope to eventually deck our walls with more significant pieces over time, for now I'm content with cheap vs. the naked alternative.

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Before and After: Entry Final Reveal!

Yay! Today is the day! I love reveal days. Of course, if you follow me on social media you may already be familiar with the current status of my entry. I entered the Apartment Therapy Energize your Entryway Contest, and as a result, like a slimy politician, have been shamelessly (but really, head in hands, full of shame) filling your feeds with images and links and pleas for your vote.

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The Start of a Beautiful Budget Entry

Do you have that one undone room, that in all the years you’ve occupied your home, you’ve never addressed? It’s the one you pass through everyday, eyes proverbially clinched tight, until you make it to your other more polished and put together spaces? So accustomed to ignoring it, you anxiously hope your guests are doing the same. For me, it’s my entry (unfortunate, on account of first impressions and all). To clarify, I don't mean to insinuate the rest of my house is showroom ready. Far from it. It's just, unlike our bedroom, or the treacherous upstairs storage room where I hoard furniture, people actually see the entry.   

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