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Spring/Summer Style

I'm in a lull when it comes to dressing creatively. For most of my life I've loved and labored over my outfits, hunting for quirky one-of-kind treasures in thrift shops and placing probably way too much stock in my outward presentation. But now I've come to heads with the distinct reality I seem to only have enough creativity to care about fashion OR interiors at any given time – thus, my increased enthusiasm for interior decorating has sadly left my sartorial output wanting.

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I Made a Dress That Fits!

I've been sewing for probably close to seventeen years now, wait, WHAT? How am I that old? My foray into the ancient practice began as a meager attempt to customize ill-fitting ironic thrift store t-shirts. It's been mostly a learn-as-you-go useful back-pocket skill ever since. Although, over the past several years I can't think of a single completed sartorial project, just a myriad of home decorating projects comprised of throw pillows and curtains and more throw pillows. 

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