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Nursery Inspiration (and Ideas for Camouflaging those Kitchen Cabinets)

Last week I (somewhat melodramatically) walked you through the unfortunate state of our second floor bedroom/soon-to-be nursery. If you want a refresh on why I've dubbed it the Ugliest Room in Our House, read here. Or to summarize: it used to be a kitchen and comes complete with a wall of upper cabinets, thin brown wall-to-wall carpeting, an exterior door that essentially leads to nowhere, and just generally an awkward layout. 

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While I admire the beauty of clean modernism and cozy Scandinavian simplicity, really, I think I've always been color-obsessed, with prints and pattern invariably factoring into the equation. It's not even a conscious inclination, I just gravitate to bold colors, graphic shapes, layers and texture, and all the stylized tchotchkes in all the land. #notaminimalist

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Reevaluating the Bedroom Design

This isn't a makeover post.

In fact, like I imagine is the case for many (most?) people, our bedroom is the least designed space in the home. Dutifully running on both an assortment of hand-me-downs and a collection of items purchased randomly over time and out of necessity, it's pure function-over-form here. The reality is, it's tough to care about a space that so few see.  

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