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Family Photos (and an Impromptu Home Tour)

A little over two months ago – yes, two months, which I’m quickly learning in the life of a baby may as well be two years – my dear friend Emma came over to snap some photos of us in our natural habitat. Homebodies til the end! And I am in love. What she was able to capture is just so earnest and beautiful – images I will treasure forever.

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It's the Little Things (V. I)

These days, motivation is a fickle friend. I find myself with more time on my hands than ever before, but the drive that once pushed and defined me seems more frequently found still languishing in bed, head under the pillow, pleading for "just 10 more minutes." Existential angst aside... I have, by way the fits-and-starts method, accomplished a few smaller projects over the past few months. And to corral this hodgepodge of accomplishments into the semblance of a cohesive post I've come up with the all encompassing (mildly unimaginative) moniker: It's the Little Things.

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Tulip Table Refresh

Like every other design-crazed blogger, I've had an ongoing love affair with the Saarinen Tulip Table. It's a true classic, the Audrey Hepburn of furniture – but with Marilyn's curves. Five years ago I stumbled upon a replica in a second hand shop; however, in its Faux-Marbleized-Hunter-Green-Laminate state, the likeness to silver screened goddesses of yore was non existent.

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